Owner of Bürgin Hörerlebnis (Buergin Hearing Experience) Audiology & Hearing Instrument Specialist


As Managing Director of the Audiology Division
Import Akustik
 at IO Verwaltungs-GmbH
  • Opening of the first Import Akustik POS within Import Optik at Einsiedeln / Switzerland on April16th, 2016
  • Opening of the second Import Akustik POS within the Import Optik at Egerkingen / Switzerland on June 1st, 2017
  • Opening of the third Import Akustik POS weithin Import Optik at Goldau / Switzerland on November 30st, 2018
  • www.import-akustik.ch

As Head of Audiology at Neuroth AG

  • Introduction of the  “The 3-Phase-HI-Adaptation-Program”
  • Introduction, promotion and implementation of a new pediatric education scheme
  • Idea, design and participation in the setup of a longitudinal Study (ongoing)

As Head of eLearning at Neuroth AG

  • Design, planning, budgeting, writing the request book, as well as coordination of the creation and implementation of the “Neuroth eCampus”
  • Design, creation and implementation of new eLearning standards 
  • Creation of eLearning-Modules in scorm-format with narration
  • Administration of the "Neuroth eCampus"

As Training Manager at Oerlikon Solar

  • Developed an e-learning concept within 4 weeks
  • Introduced self-paced presentations to Oerlikon Solar
  • Designed an new concept for NEO (New Employees Orientation)
  • Conducted New Employee Orientation, SAP, SharePoint and technical trainings as of 3rd week of start in new role

As International Audiology Training & Business Development Manager at Phonak Communications AG

  • Designed, rolled out and tracked int. audiology training programs
  • Created and enrolled training curriculums
  • Created synchronous and asynchronous eLearning lectures based on the latest scientific data
  • Proposed, planned, budgeted and coordinated the creation of internet based applications to provide product, configuration, information and competitive intelligence based on SAP, Hybris, CQ5 and the Phonak marketing database together with internal and external partners
  • Enabled 5 international speakers to have lectures via the company’s  eLearning platform at a congress in Stuttgart within 10 days (travel ban due to Iceland volcano eruption)
  • Organized, coordinated and provided webcast on various conferences:

o   Pediatric Conference, Stuttgart 2010

o   Sound Foundation, Chicago 2010

o   Pediatric Conference, Santiago 2010

o   1st virtual Otology Conference, 2009

As International Audiology Training Manager & eLearning Coordinator at Phonak AG

  • Co-founder of the company’s e-learning program “iLearn”
  • Introduced the Adobe Connect platform from nil to a total of more than 6000 registered users, ~400 meeting hosts, ~200 training managers and more than 50 authors
  • Proposed, evaluated and budgeted a LMS (learning management system) to track and coordinate e-learning activities effectively
  • Evaluated LMS:  CLIX (winner), Global Teach, Umantis
  • Co- organized the 1st virtual audiology conference over 48 hours with speakers from all time zones and a total of ~700 participants
  • Proposed, developed and budgeted an internet based course with
  • 6 modules, interactive training applications, performance control via on-line tests as well as certification with an option for mentoring students online

As International Audiology Training Manager in International Sales at Phoank AG

  • Created educational programs to support wholesale as well as retail partners in promoting Phonak hearing instruments
  • Developed an action plan in coordination with the international sales managers in order to meet their needs according the milestones in the respective markets
  • This includes press meetings, evening functions, local seminars as well as the participation at regional conferences
  • Known speaker representing the company, enhancing brand awareness

As Sales Manager and Trainer at Switzerland for GN ReSound

  • Developed a customer care center from scratch
  • Implemented an internal quality control
  • Helped to ramp down Beltone Switzerland during the merge of Beltone into the GN ReSound group