Project 'Cyborg' (english)

Project 'Cyborg' (english) · 28. Januar 2022
Bimodal and Elektro-Acoustic Stimulation (EAS) (Part 5)
My personal experience with bimodal and electro-acoustic stimulation (EAS).
Project 'Cyborg' (english) · 12. Oktober 2020
And once again I've been taught a lesson. After nearly 3 decades in audiology an the hearing instrument industry, I thought there is not a lot that can surprise me anymore. WRONG! If somebody asks me those days, "now tell me, how does your CI sound?", I start to look for comparisons from my "normal hearing" days. But to be honest, it is nearly impossible to describe the sensation to a non CI wearer. I'm also convinced that there are no two CI wearer who have a similar hearing experience with...
Project 'Cyborg' (english) · 10. August 2020
I am certain – that is the big question that interests most of the readers of my blog. That is also the reason why it took so long for me to write about my first hearing impressions. Until today I do not really know how to describe the sensations. Foremost it is unbelievable that suddenly, after being quasi deaf (95% hearing loss) on my right ear since October 2020, I hear something again – this is simply mind-boggling!!!
Project 'Cyborg' (english) · 19. Juli 2020
After returning from the Maldives I went to my ORL-clinician. Sadly he could only confirm my 90+% hearing loss on the right side. I took Cortisone and Tebukan (a Ginkgo-product that my clinician recommended) for some weeks before finally it dawned on me that my hearing on my right ear won't come back. So I talked to my ORL and contacted Heinz Werder a former coworker of mine who is next to other responsibilities the MD for Advanced Bionics in Switzerland. Prof. Linder and Dr. Cadreia invited me...
Project 'Cyborg' (english) · 04. Juli 2020
One evening after one week on the island with super dives, super food and super company I suddenly had the feeling of water in one ear. The very next morning it became clear to me that it wasn't water blocking my ear. It was a sudden hearing loss. I knew the feeling as I experienced it already once roughly 7 years ago. Now the big question was what was the reason for it. Had it something to do with the diving or was it the sudden stress relieve due to those lovely holidays?